Fashion, it starts at day 1, New listing

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Hey guys! I’m super tired but I managed to get a few projects between almost finished and finished. I got a request so I am working on it. When I am completely done with it, I will post a picture. Here’s what I completed

They are 3to 6 month Levi’s for your baby girl. I will not list them until next month on LuluChris58 but if you want to preorder a pair or buy the actual pair please feel free to contact me here, my email or any of my social media sites. I will post a picture of these shorts on Instagram too. So why is the title of this post called fashion starts at day 1? Well, just because they are little doesn’t mean that they can’t get a sense of fashion. I love to dress my son and nephew in the latest trends but still keeping it on a child’s level. For example if you are going to put your daughter on a circle skirt like yours, be sure to put a kiddie style graphic style tee or top with it. Something that maybe viewed as childish on yourself. I feel like my shop is one of many on etsy that offers this to parents. What are you guys thoughts on kids clothing and fashion? I would love to know. Til next time Duces and Truces.


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