Polyvore, Pintrest, tigers bears Oh my! Where I have been


Hi guys! Hope everyone has been having a great weekend so far. Today I plan on having three more post up for you all. Anyways, I thought I would be able to come by and tell you that it is a very beautiful day, weather wise, but it started to rain. So anyways I created a pin on Pintrest for LuLuChris58 today. Also if you haven’t noticed, I have set up a Polyvore as well. I will try to add links on here to each one for you guys. This is a learning experience for me. One of my best friends does this, blogging for a living so you think I would ask him for pointers to make life easier lolx. Anyways, just wanted to stop by, say hi, and let yall know that Im still here. Lolx. Until next post, duces and truces. 


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