Some more ideas from Polyvore

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Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great afternoon! It’s so pretty here and I’m vibing to some Teena Marie enjoying this sun! So I wanted to stop by to show you some more ideas that these lovely Polyvore followers of mine have come up with using LuLuChris58 pieces. Hopefully they will inspire you guys.

This set is by one of my lovely followers Hanna109539! She used the LuLuChris58 studded Camo jacket in her set! I think she did a good job in styling the pieces. Now how would I tone this down for my little girl( it is a kid’s piece) I would add a bow and maybe change the graphic tees to something more child like. Maybe a Disney graphic. Also I would sub the lattes for juice boxes. Overall still a nice look.
The next look featured below is more so a must have list. Denim is and I strongly believe will be a staple piece for many seasons to come. This young lady featured the Studded cross vest in her must have collection!


I featured her in the post not only to show you guys some must haves for mom and daughter, I also wanted to say thank you. Her username is princess-ruth-paye.

The next user is no stranger to using LuLuChris58 in their set, kiddt. The studded Camo shorts as seen in the two sets below are the staple piece to the set wardrobe.



These looks are kid friendly, in my opinion. If I had to alter anything in either set, it would be the track jacket. In some places it is already super hot out;ie: South Carolina. I would sub it for one of these:




Other than that I loved the sets. I really loved all of the sets. If you have Polyvore, please stop by and show these guys some love by liking there sets and following them. Til next time Duces and Truces!!!!


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