Quick Update Before Bed. Vest for sale and other randomness


Hey guys. I know a lot of you are winding down. The kids are in bed and life is feeling good right? Well, I’m vibing to Teena Marie. I wanted to come by to let you guys know whats in store for LuLuChris58 Etsy store and the blog.Remember the vest from the previous post I was working on? The customer decided that the vest wasn’t so much of what she was looking for so we are heading back to the drawing board for her. One man’s lost is another man’s gain, so guess what? If I can completely remove the glue stains from the cross, I will list it on LuLuChris58 for sale. Now you guys know, if you are familiar with my blog, that if you see anything posted on any of my social networks that you have a shot at getting your hands on it before it goes on Etsy. It is the same with the vest. If you feel that you will want it before the June listing comes out, just message me. I will also accept inbox messages on Facebook. If there is any custom work that you are wanting done, please feel free to contact through the same methods listed above.

The vest:





Another thing I wanted to mention before bed, I want to do DIY’s on this blog. Please feel free to suggest what you would like to see from me. I am pretty much open to do a DIY tutorial on almost anything. Leave a comment below , on Instagram or on my Facebook page on what type of tutorials you would like. Also any tutorials that I do, the item will be available for sale. I can’t wait to DIY with you guys!!!! This makes me so happy! Well I hope everyone has a great night and pleasant dreams. Til next post…Dueces and Truces!!!


Good Night Friends



Lady T Album Circa 81



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