Big Thanks! Just made a LuLuChris58 sale!

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Hey guys! So I have exciting news! I just made a SALE! My wonderful customer Brandi reached out to me to have me do some custom work for her! I’m also doing a mommy/ daughter duo for her little daughter.Thank you so much girlie!!! I’m so happy to share this with you guys! I have to say a big THANK YOU. I have some thank you stories.

I don’t know if I have ever mentioned it, but I use to be a retail banker. It was a over worked teller for a bank that some of you may see in your local Walmart. I was pretty good at my job but the management I had worked under was flat out poor. It had made me very depressed and I actually at one point disliked going to work. My manager and I couldn’t get along at all. I wanted to just have peace in my work life. To make a long story short, she got her wish and found a valid reason to fire me. I was a little devastated. I had devoted my life to that place and I get fired. My customers loved me and I loved them. I look back on it as the biggest blessing. If I had never been fired, forced to take another horrible job to make ends meet, I never would have realized my dreams. I would have never understood what it meant to be fearless. So I took my bitterness and added sugar to it, Lolx. I’m making the lemons into lemonade at a stand!

I have a wonderful support system. My mama helped me realize what I want to do. She actually started me on my thrift and DIY binge Lolx. When I lost my job, I would go with my mom, sister or grandma and find all kind of cool things. She taught me how to use a box cutter to distress my items. We use to bleach everything. Over the years I have taught her new technique( she’s from The Breakfast Club era Lolx). It was very fun times. My grandma,or Floree as we call her, also supported my dreams. She always would show people my work or make me tell people that I reconstructed an item of my clothing. My sisters have been very supportive! I’ve made so many things with them and for them. My sister Danyel taught me how to take better pictures. Brandise has shown me so much as well. From letting me try stuff on her son, my nephew Rylan, to giving me input she has been there. I have three brothers and a best friend we adopted like a little brother who cheer me on! My brother Courvoisier, yes that’s his real name, is a rapper. He promoted my sites and work on his Facebook and blog site. My other three Cory, Deverron and Robert has been in my ear telling me not to give up. They make sure to comment on my work. They share my work on Facebook and keep me in line. My cousin Willie Blocker has been on my team as well. I’ve always called him my uncle due to his closeness to my grandma. Every post about my work, every picture he likes. He gives his feedback and support! My papa also helped me to realize my talent. He use to ask me “Why are you not in a fashion school?” He always gives his opinion on my pieces. He’s like my final design guy. My dad just keeps me positive all the way around. He makes me laugh and he drove me to my customer’s home today. I have wonderful friends that have cheered me on Chanity, Lauren, Jordan,Fredo, Tamara, Lisa Renee, Candice, Meagan(or Hill as I like to call her), Chico, Tre,Vanessa, Rhonda and Shad! There are a lot more family and friends so I will be making a part two. THANK YOU guys so much!!!

By no means am I rich off of this. I am not exactly where I want to be, but I am getting there. I like the pace too. Don’t let someone tell you your dreams aren’t valid. They are YOUR dreams. They belong to YOU! Keep reaching for the moon and beyond! Til next post…✌duces and 🙏truces!!!

My family and Friends





























And THANK YOU to all my followers as well!!!!!!!!! Comment anything you like below! I appreciate you ALL!!!



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