Anticipation..Is Keeping Me Waiting

diy, parent family fashion, random

Hey guys! How is the day going for you guys? The sun keeps playing peek-a-boo with us here in my area. Right now I’m waiting on these items to dry so that I can get my show on the road, Lolx. That’s why I titled this post after a song by the cool Carly Simon, Anticipation!

The Best of Carly Simon album cover

I can’t wait for this items to dry, but wait I already said that.😃 I keep forgetting to take pictures of the items before I recreate them. I WILL do it on my next project. I want to do another DIY soon, but I do not know what I want to do. I need ideas guys, Lolx. What would you like to see???

So what is the plans for everyone today? Are you getting out and enjoying the sunshine? Going to a game today? Sitting in the house and enjoying the peace and quiet? Whatever it may be, I would love to know! Comment below and let’s chat!!! Til next post….✌duces and🙏 truces!!!!!


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