What I Vibe To While Working! My Playlist

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Hey guys! So how is the night going? Who watched the Billboard Awards tonight? I watched snippets but from the Facebook post it looks like I missed the good parts Lolx! I did see Prince. Yaay. So I wanted to come to y’all and ask “What gets you motivated?” It can be when you workout, go to work, play a sport or just anything. For me while I’m working I have to play music. I love the following artist while working:


Teena Marie! If you have been reading my blog from start then you will know I idolize Lady T. I listen to her everyday while working. Her voice is amazing and I see why she took over the charts and stages like Soul Train in the late 70’s and 80s. Her musical talent is truly God given. Her music makes speaks to me! In fact, she’s playing on my Pandora as I write this paragraph! RIP Vanilla Child


I don’t think this man needs an intro, Mr Rick James. I love Rick’s music while working especially Cold Blooded. With the funky baselines, I’m always bending prong and typing keys while trying my hardest not to dance. Funny fact, my one year old nephew, Rylan, loves the song Cold Blooded! He will stand up and start to dance and clap when he hears this song. I mimic Rick James voice good, so when I sing it he laughs his little heart out.


Anita Baker has been a favorite of mine since I was a little girl! I love The Songtress. I work to all of her songs. They keep a smile on my face while mellowing me out!


I have to have some Chaka in my system while working. My favorite song to work to is Sweet Thing! It makes me happy and reminds me of happy times with someone who means so much to me. When I hear this song, I’m smiling from ear to ear. Fun fact: Although my favorite song to work to is Sweet Thing, my favorite Rufus and Chaka Khan song is Do You Love What You Feel. Sweet Thing is my ex’s favorite song and he actually shares the same last name as Chaka’s birth last name. I bet even he doesn’t know that Lolx.


I absolutely love The Gap band! They were too funky! When I hear Outstanding, I’m singing and I forget all of the distractions around me. I hate to hear it on Pandora because they cut the song short.


This man right here was one of the greatest. I think he released a album almost evey year of the 80s. Luther Vandross was a legend! Just like Anita and Teena I love all of Luther’s music! I can do anything to his music!

I work to rap music too! I love Kendrick Lamar, JayZ and Kanye West. I have to have a positive vibe flowing while I work and these three guys do it for me. Wait I forgot, I work to Drake too. So did you guys like my playlist? Do you have a favorite song by any of these artist? Does funk music put you in a euphoric state like it does for me? Well until next post…✌duces and 🙏truces!!♥♥♥


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