Good Morning! My cousin Tia is on vacation!

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Hey Guys! How is the morning going for everyone?? I hope it’s going great! It’s a beautiful day today, because we are here!! I’m enjoying the morning. I’m caught up on projects!! I’m ready to blog a lot today and pick up supplies!!! Nothing brings more joy to my heart than pick up supplies!! I’m going to order more studs, find a denim jacket for my customer, get dye and get some paint!!!! Yes, I am excited.

So my cousin, Tia, is gone on vacation with her school. I would like all of you guys to say a prayer for her or wish her a good trip and safe return! Tia is my little cousin and she is the coolest! I attempted to make her a phone case last night but it was a fail. We will try again and if it comes out right this time, I will do a DIY!!

What’s the plan for everyone today? Going out? Running errands?Watching the Law and Order marathon on USA today? I can’t wait until the season finale on NBC tomorrow night at 9pm! Anyways, whatever you may be doing I would love to know! Comment below and let’s chat!!!!♥♥♥ Til next time✌duces and 🙏 truces!!!!

My cousin Tia👇👇👇🎀🎀



We all know Law and Order!!!



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