Good Morning! Announcement!

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Hey guys! How is the morning going for you all? I hope that its going great. I just woke up like about 10 minutes ago, but I’m treating life good, lolx. The sun is out and I love that. I just hope that my house doesn’t turn into the Gingerbread Man’s oven again. I looked and felt like a baked cookie when I left the house, Lolx.

So I have news, as one of my favorite former customers use to say, I’m having a sale!!! Yes a sale! All Custom Everything. Studs all in your shorts! Yes I just used Trinidad James beat as I typed that, lolx. Anyways how this sale works is. Starting next week, any custom item, that I am provided the item will be 10.00 per item. Yes! I start at 10.00 for kids, if provided the item to work with, but this price is for everyone! If you are getting the item shipped back to you, you will pay for shipping. If you are in the Upstate SC area in order to get the 10.00 rate you must deliver and pick up the item to me! The turn around time for the items will be 5 to 7 business days, unless express shipping is paid. Any questions, feel free to contact me through any of my social media networks, email, or by commenting below. The sale will start at 11:59 EST Sunday, May 26th and end 11:59 EST Sunday, June 2nd.

So how do you guys feel about this sale? Will you guys take advantage of the sale? I feel like its a great deal and I hope everyone jumps on it!!! So what are the plans for today? You guys know that I’m a marathon junkie,right! Unsolved Mysteries, has its regular weekly Wednesday marathon on Lifetime. Despite the fact that its not the ones hosted by the late great Robert Stack( my papa still calls him Elliot Ness), they are the same exact stories. Dennis Ferrina, a former Law and Order actor, is the host. He’s no Stack, but he does a really good job. Stack just made the stories 10 times creepier than they already were. Comment below on any of the topics discussed in this post or you can just say hey if you like. Lets chat! Til next post ✌duces and 🙏 truces





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