Good Morning!! My loss, A Customer’s Gain!!!

diy, parent family fashion, random

Good Morning Guys!! How’s the morning going for you all??? My morning is starting a little early today, but it’s all good!👍👍

So I have news! If you were looking at the Vintage Guess shorts with your fingers crossed, then your wishes may have came true!! They do not fit me.😞 So my loss is your gain. They are a size 26, which in real life, I may could have fit them if they were not high waisted. A size 26 would be like a size 3. I always suggest to my customers to buy two sizes up for your high waisted items. I would suggest these shorts for a preteen(maybe ages 10/12). If you are familiar to my blog then you know the rules. If not, first welcome! Second, I always give my readers and social media followers the chance to get them first by contacting me on here, email or any of my social networks. If you would like measurements on a item before purchase, just let me know!

Dang they don’t fit👎👎👎

So guys, what’s the plans for today? I have a DIY in store for you all today! I will take pictures of the item before I bleach and dye them!! Til next post…✌duces and 🙏truces💜♥💜♥


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