Good Morning. Happy Memorial Day!

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Good Morning Guys!!!! How is the morning treating you all? It’s a very beautiful day outside here! A great day to get outside, DIY and thank those who served in any type of military to keep our country free. My brother, Cory is in the Army Reserve. He works so hard at everything he does. He is such a dedicated person! I’m proud of him for all of steps he have taken in life to become the man that he is today.




I have a lot of family and friends that has been in the military. Some still are. Thank You guys for all that you do for our country! It’s your day, celebrate it! It is an honor!

So what are the plans for you all today? We are actually going to my brother’s and cooking dinner and I’m visiting my mom today. So who are you guys proud of in your life? Do you have anyone who has served in the military and want to shout them out? It can be anyone that you like. Comment your, love, suggestions, ideas or anything below. Til next post✌duces and 🙏truces💚💜♥❤❤♥💜💚♥♥♥💚




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