Good Morning! Chips Ahoy For Breakfast and Craft Hauls

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Hey Guys! How is everyone doing today? I hope that the morning is treating everyone excellent!!! Today is Tuesday so we all know what that means, Law and Order SVU marathon on USA!!! To all my SVU family, today is the day, lolx. Besides locking myself in the lab with Miss Olivia Benson, played by Mariska Hargitay, I have to go thrifting for high waisted jeans for the grape blast 2.0s today!!!! I tried to talk my Mom into a thrift haul yesterday, but she had to get back home. Love and Hip Hop Atlanta was calling her name, lolx. I’m also going to pick up shorts to do my watermelon themed shorts!! So fun day of DIY ahead. I should stick a note to my head to take a picture first!!!!

So word to wise, do not each Chips Ahoy for breakfast!!!!👎👎👎 No matter how bad you are craving them, it still has the same effect on you that they would when you were a kid. Now I see why my parents would tell me no when I would ask. Although they are delicious and priced for a 1.00 at my local Walmart, I will no longer eat them as breakfast, lolx. I just thought I would share that with you all seeing that I downed five for breakfast and developed a stomach ache two minutes later. Do you guys eat junk food for breakfast sometimes??? What are your thoughts on junk food period?

If you guys want me to start doing craft hauls/reviews let me know. These will not be sponsored post, unless stated otherwise. Mainly these hauls/reviews will be what I pick up for my work. So just let me know and I will start. We can all talk about the products together and help each other to figure out the good, the bad and the ugly, lolx.

So guys, what’s the plans for everyone today? I know most of you may be heading back to work. How was Memorial Day. Comment below any thoughts, love, hate or just anything. You know I love hearing from you all!!! Til next post✌ duces and 🙏 truces


This is a beautiful picture!


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