Naming My Shorts, Giving Thanks and Much More

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Hey Guys!!!! How is the evening treat everyone! I am hoping that its going great for you guys!!! I am sort of bummed because there is no New SVU but Unsolved Mysteries is on so I will manage. I wanted to come by and give you guys a more in depth look of each shorts. I know I said I did eight pair, I did but I decided to let those dry in the house. They are still wet.👎👎👎👎😞 I will do a show and tell of those tomorrow. I named each pair, so if you want a custom pair similar to these you will have something to reference to.

These are from the Grapeblast 2.0 family!! There are four pair of shorts in this collection. The two newest members are The Chickens named for Brittany Plumer, a friend and customer and The Real Sade’s, named for my cousin and customer Sade Smith.


The Chickens


The Real Sade’s

The next pair are a purple and pink ombré with distressing at the end of the shorts. Since this young lady inspired the initial pair of shorts that kicked off the grape blast movement, I decided to do another pair. Named after my little sis Nae, The Team Nae 2.0 will also be available in a kid size as well.


The Team Nae 2.0

The next two pairs are reserved for a customer who is no stranger to my blog , Brandi. I gave Brandi her own collection which features three pair of shorts. The two newest pairs added today are the Nikki Candy and Sweet Candy Rain!!!




Sweet Candy Rain

These last pair were inspired by two sisters Brandise and Danyel. They are a white and pink ombré. I call them Brandi Davis. Calm on top and wild on bottom, lolx.


The Brandi Davis

So guys, what do you all think? Also, I am going to be naming all of my other pieces from this point forward. I will be giving everyone a chance to help me! Your name may be chosen next! Comment below on your thoughts, ideas or anything below. Til next post ✌duces and 🙏truces.

The lovely ladies that the pieces were named after:

Brittany Plumer

Sade Smith

Nae Martin

Brandi N. Myers-Jones

Brandise Raines

Danyel Davis (on the right)

Thank You ladies!!! Y’all are the greatest and beautiful.


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