Good Afternoon! On the Go!

diy, parent family fashion, random

Hey Guys! How is everything going today? I am so late on the “Good Morning” post. I have been up since 7 am working. I am beat, lolx. I had a fitting, a purchase and I had to get shorts for another customer for a custom order. I have the shorts cut and distressed. I will bleach them later on when it cools down. Tomorrow I’m back at it. I have to say thank you to my cousin Sydney. She was the best assistant today. I think I will keep her, lolx.

So what’s the plans for you guys today and tonight? I’m going to watch this SVU marathon(like I haven’t seen every single episode) and kick back. I’m still trying to get my days together, lolx. Comment below any thoughts, love, hate or whatever your heart desires. Til next post ✌duces and 🙏truces!!!

What I am vibing to:

Teena Marie “Ooh La La” circa 1987.
You guys know I love Lady Tee!!!❤💜💜♥💜💜💚💚💜♥♥


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