Good Morning! Happy June 1st!

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Hey Guys! How is the morning going for everyone? I hope that its going great for you all!!! Today is BHP high school graduation. Congratulations to all the graduates. I graduated nine years ago from this same high school on May 24, 2004! The second happiest day of my teenage life. The first day was finding out that I had won a senior superlative, best dressed. I still tell people about when I won that award. As you guys can see, I love fashion! Also to be the only black female in the whole four years I went to high school to win and to follow behind Brandon Williams was a honor to me! Where has time gone?

So on today’s agenda is team LuLuChris58 all day! Shooting new items, making more items, finishing orders, keeping up with blog post and much more!! I will be posting another blog to let you guys know what’s in store for the month of June!!!

I had to let you guys know that although LuLuChris58’s official blog one month anniversary is June 3rd, the month begins today! The goal that I set for 400 views for the month was exceeded by 97 views. This means on LuLuChris58’s actual one month anniversary we will have 500 plus views! THANK YOU guys so much!!! I appreciate it! I just can’t say it enough to you all. I do not care what anyone says, I have THE BEST READERS around!!! You guys just so awesome! You are all so positive and supportive! You all show the most love!!! It makes me so happy! THANK YOU!!!

I can’t end the post without asking “What’s the plans for today?” It’s so pretty outside here. Whatever you guys decide to do make sure you do two things, enjoy it and be sure to comment below! Don’t forget to show the comment box some love, hate, or anything you feel is necessary! Til next post ✌duces and 🙏truces

Man you do not know how many time Honey Boo Boo’s mom popped up when I googled June. I will settle for this instead!


Brandon Williams! He won best dress 10 years ago and he is still fly!!! Looks like he’s passing the torch to his babies as well, Bria and Jabori!!! Too cute!

My son graduation ready. He would not budge for the blazer. I really thought it would be cuter but he wasn’t buying what I was selling! Lolx


2 thoughts on “Good Morning! Happy June 1st!

  1. Courtney doing her thing in the fashion market I will definitely be working with her in the near future keep up the good work

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