Random Chat! Cool Customers, Working Out Kinks and Randomness

diy, parent family fashion, random

Hey guys! How is it going for everyone? I hope that its going good! Quick random question; am I the only one who laughs at that Visa card commercial? The one with the football player and he screams “C’mon Todd, flex them chicken wings!” Lolx, I can not be the only one. Sorry about that, It was on tv and my sister claims she has never seen it.😃😃

So earlier, I had the worse headache! I realized that I hadn’t ate all day and I was very sleepy. I had forgot to shout out my customer and share the story with you guys. I made The Chickens for my friend Brittany Plumer. I go to do a fitting for Brittany and they did not fit.😞😞😞. Never fear, we found a pair that did!


Yes the Baby Grapes! The fit was perfect! I love doing these fittings. They help me to know which size to pick up when I go thrifting for the high waist pants and shorts. I bet you guys are wondering if The Chickens found a home? Well, yes! My wonderful customer, Brandi, tried them on and purchased them! She was in love! I also have great news! The first shorts I sold Brandi will be added to the 25.00 short sale!



She never wore them and decided that she wanted to do a trade up! They are a size 10 and were a little bigger than she expected! You know our motto here “One customer’s loss is another customer’s gain”. So these beauties will be on Etsy!

Be sure to comment below on any thoughts, ideas, love or anything!! Til next post ✌duces and 🙏 truces❤💚💚💜💜💜💚♥❤💜💜💚❤❤


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