Good Morning Post! My Son Graduated

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Hey Guys! How is the morning treating everyone? I hope that its treating you all well! I am home from my son’s graduation celebration from K-5! I have to say that it was one of the coolest graduations I’ve been to. The kids were so excited and my son has had some of the best teachers this year. ( He had great teachers last year too.) One of his teachers was my teacher in K-5 as well. She told me that she had been teaching 26 years! That’s dedication. None of my other elementary school teachers are there, so I salute her. All teachers are gems in my eyes. Working at OfficeMax for almost two years helped me to get a better understanding of what teachers have to go through not only financially but emotionally too. I think it hurts teachers a lot when we as parents don’t get involved in our children’s educations. If I have any teachers reading, comment below on any of your thoughts. Also let me say THANK YOU! You are the second link in the chain for a child’s future and their success. Some of you take on both links, not because you have to but because you want to! You look at the children as your own for those eight hours that we leave them in your care. It takes a special person to be a teacher!

Today I must go shopping. Too bad none of it will be for me.😞 I have shorts to make! I can’t wait! Long as its not raining. I think I see the sun sneaking out. What are the plans for today guys? I don’t know of any marathons today, so I’m just going to channel surf today and hope to find something good. I’m sorry that I missed the Good Night post last night! I had a headache out of this world! I plan on getting back on track today! Be sure to comment any love, hate, feedback or pretty much anything that makes you feel good below. Til next post✌ duces and🙏truces♥💚💚💜💚❤💜💚♥



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