Good Night Chat! My thoughts!

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Hey guys! I just wanted to stop by with the good night chat! First, how is everyone??? I hope that you guys are well and winding down from an awesome day. Sorry we missed this last night. I mentioned in a previous post that I wasn’t feeling well. I had a massive headache.😞😞😞👎👎 I fine now.

So it’s time for quick updates! My cousin Tia wanted me to thank you guys for your prayers. She had a very adventurous and safe trip. I’m so late on this update, lolx. I have two friends that I would really like for you guys to pray for or wish best wishes to. My sister/ best friend Jordan has surgery tomorrow. I want you all to keep her safety and well being in your prayers. I love this chick! She is such a wonderful and positive person! The next person I would like for you all to keep in your prayer is my brother/ best friend, Tre. He was hit by a truck on his way to work. He is in the hospital and he says he’s fine. I would still like for you all to pray that he stays fine and that everything works out for the best for him!

I think tonight will be the first night in three weeks that I will be able to sleep good. I feel so much better. I’m ready to put it to the test soon, lolx. Be sure to comment below whatever you like!!! Let’s chat! Til next post✌duces and 🙏truces!!!



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