Fly Circle! The Plans!

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Hey Guys! How is the evening going for you all? I hope that its going awesome! The rain slacked up finally! I may go outside and work. I need to be one with the songs of the birds, lolx.

So I wanted to explain “Fly Circle” to you guys. First, it is not a contest! I may host one soon but not on this segment. I like to call this more of a live model look book! I say this because I want to inspire other parents that are wanting to try trends or go for different looks for their children. You may submit your child as many times as you like. This is open to children ages 0-12. The only things that I ask of parents or whoever is submitting on the child’s behalf to please give a small backstory on the child’s outfit and have fun! Because other parents are going to want to know about the outfit, I ask to just give a quick story. I will list my son below as an example. I would love for you guys to comment. Please keep it respectful.( I know my readers will) Let’s get started:


This was my son’s Easter outfit! We saw the same outfit on a mannequin at JC Penny’s. My son asked could he get that outfit. I walked around the store and priced each item. They total cost was going to be close to 100 without the shoes! Oh, no! I grabbed the chambray shirt which was on sale for 8.00 along with a few items and left JC Penny’s.( Yes I did pay for those items,lolx) I went to Kmart. I got the same blazer for 20.00 on sale and the same shorts for 8.00. Overall I spent under 40.00 for an outfit that was going to cost me 100.00 in another store. Also each item can be worn separate from each other! His shoes he wore were his trusty boat shoes by Nautica!

I hope you liked the first “Fly Circle” post! Comment below on any thoughts! Til next post✌duces and 🙏truces!!


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