Hey Guys!

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Hey Guys! How is it going for you all! I missed the “Good Morning” post due to losing track of time. I got up and wrapped some shorts and before I knew it 1:00 pm creeped in. A really good Lifetime movie came on and I fell asleep til the end, lolx. After my trip to the grocery store I realized, I haven’t wrote a post today. So I am here!

It was pouring when I went grocery shopping! I met this really nice gentlemen for our local newspaper. He was excited to have a customer and he started telling me about his life. It was pretty interesting.

So what are plans for today guys? Is it raining where you are?Today is a perfect day to sit inside with your little ones and just find all kinds of fun. What are some of you guy’s favorite rainy day activities! I would love to know. Til next post ✌duces and 🙏truces!

Serving rainy day realness



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