Just Thought You Should Know! Up and Coming!

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Hey Guys! I just wanted to stop back in with some good stuff. I love promoting new people and new stuff. I am going to give a quick run down on some of my favorite sites, Youtubers, blogs and Etsy Shops! I will be doing these post twice a week!

First person I want to start with is a lady that I met on Instagram, Annette! She is such a sweet person and very talented! She is also a Youtuber! She has these floral crowns and bows that are to die for. Yes they are just that cute! You know I am a sucker for two for ones so not only can you shop here for your daughter but you can pick up something for yourself! Here’s some of her work below!


I love these items!❤♥

The items are only 5.00! Not only stylish but affordable too!
Want to purchase! Find Annette here
KIK: Annetteable
Instagram: annetteable555
She also has a tradesy.com account! Her name is Annette!


The next person I want to introduce to you is Vanessa! She is a very talented accessory maker and mother of two! I have known her for a while and she has amazing pieces! They are very trendy but you still will stand out when wearing pieces from her Etsy shop Kouture Kandy!
Here are some of her pieces below:





Once again very stylish and affordable pieces! Want reach Vanessa for purchasing an item? Find her here:

So I hope you guys liked them items! Please be sure to stop by these ladies’ shop and show them some love! Get those perfect accessories for not only those perfect summer outfits but that perfect July 4th outfit from http://www.etsy.com/shop/LuLuChris58!
All shorts are 25.00 for the month of June! So stop on in! Til next post ✌duces and 🙏 truces!!!💜💚💚♥💜


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