Love Mail And Sneak Peeks

diy, parent family fashion, random

Hey Guys! How are you all doing? I hope that everyone is well! It is so hot here in SC! I am at the laundry mat and the air is broken! This would be the worse place for the air to be out! Lucky for me, I’m not going to be here much longer!

So I am just getting back from sending off love mail. I had an order placed yesterday from one of my stylish Instagram follower Lexxine! Here’s what she ordered:



My new packaging!

I have to say THANK YOU to her! She followed me and instantly ordered!

I have three more pieces to share with you guys! The first two are for my former bank customer and friend Laurin! She wanted to order these for her little princess, which whom I love to pieces!





I have to say THANK YOU to her too! She will be picking up her order this weekend. I can’t wait to see her!

The last pair I made are still in progress but I figured I would share with you guys!



I’m not sure if I want to add more color to them or not? I will keep you guys posted. Be sure to comment below on any thoughts! Til next post ✌duces and 🙏truces!♥❤💚❤💜

Brelin and I trying to beat this heat like a spur!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥



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