Good Night Post

diy, parent family fashion, random

Hey Guys! How is the night going for everyone? I hope that its going well! I am waiting for Flea Market Flip to come on! I may fall asleep from waiting.

I ended up getting an order right after I posted the “Good Morning” post. Although it isn’t due until two weeks from now, I’m done. I just hope that they fit the customer! Here is a sneak peek of the shorts:



The back looks lopsided due to how they are hanging. The shorts may look familiar. They are the adult version of these:


Yes I had a customer request an adult pair of those!

I also started a pair of galaxy shoes for my son! I say started because I am going to buy more white paint to add stars! I forgot to tape the sides, so I need to clean those off!

Before. Regular Old Navy shoes. I think I got them on clearance during Christmas.


In the process of drying! There was stars on there but they dry clear, not white. 😞

So what do you guys think? Be sure to comment below any thoughts! Til next post✌duces and 🙏 truces! 💜💚♥💚❤💚💚❤



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