Happy Birthday Rhonda!

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Hey guys! Flea Market Flip is on and I can not sleep. Now I’m wanting to thrift dressers, tables you name it! Dang you Lara Spencer, lolx.

I wanted to write this post to honor a really good friend! It’s my friend/adopted work mama/life coach’s birthday, Rhonda Newman!

I met Rhonda in 2011 when I worked for Woodforest. We were needing help bad but I was on no new friends before Drake could even dream of if, lolx. I was not about the new coworker life. I was afraid that once we trained someone, got use to them, our boss would run them off. I was already going through one breakup, I couldn’t deal with inconsistency in my work life too.

When Rhonda started to work with us, I instantly liked her. We had so much in
common. Since I hardly got to work with my other friend, it was nice to make another one. Rhonda has to be the coolest, funniest, sweetest and most creative person I have ever met! There is nothing that she can’t do! We could laugh at the most random things together. She would coach me through my love life issues. We would have our “El Appaterio” outings. She has the coolest family! (Hey Chris) Rhonda has always encouraged and believed in me. She swears I taught her the majority of her banking skill.( I didn’t). When I look at Rhonda, I see where I can only hope to be! You guys Rhonda is just flipping great!

So this post is to just basically say Happy Birthday Rhonda Moose P-Flu Bigguns Newman! Gosh we gave you a lot of names then!






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