Good Night Post

diy, parent family fashion, random

Hey Guys! How is the night going for everyone? I hope that its going great! I’m winding down to something different tonight, The Disney Channel. I always tell my son that he is lucky. The Disney Channel was a “luxury channel” that you had to order when I was his age. Does anyone remember that? They would give you a preview for like the weekend to try to get you to add it on. My grandparents never would, lolx.

So I broke my own rules and left the couch today. I went to supervise a move, lolx. Well I had to let my cousin into my storage building. I ended up being gone from home for four hours. My allergies wasn’t that bad when I was out. It may be something in my house, I don’t know? I do know that I enjoyed that fried cheesecake!

I still need ideas for the giveaway! Be sure to comment below any ideas! Till next post ✌duces and 🙏truces!♥💜💜❤💜💚💚💚💜💚


Big SHOUT OUT to my bestie Chanity! She reads my blog before bed, lolx! I really do appreciate the love and support!



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