Check In and More!

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Hey Guys! How are you all today? I hope that everyone is well! Guess who got up late today? I don’t know why but I was so sleepy:(. I didn’t watch Love and Hip Hop Atlanta late like I usually do. I guess we can blame it on the rain, lolx.

I have my first in house appointment! We are going to work on shorts and she will get to take them home all in the same day. I’m thinking about doing more of these. With doing these, the customer can get fitted for the item,see the process, get involved and purchase other items from the Etsy Store. Don’t forget they get to have fun DIYing with me, lolx. I can’t wait for her to arrive!

So it wouldn’t be a first post of the day without me asking, What’s the plans for today guys? It just finished raining here. I actually went outside and sat on the porch for a little while it rained. Til Next Post ✌duces and 🙏truces💜💚💚❤💚💜💜!!!

My current favorite picture of myself!!!


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