Random Post!

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Today, I helped make food for the homeless. The man I was giving the sandwich to said he didn’t want it. I asked why and he pointed to his friend behind him and said, “I want the birthday boy here to have two sandwiches on his special day. It’s the only gift I have to give.” His friend was elated. People who have nothing and still give MMT.

60 Love Stories to Cheer You Up from the site:

When I had broke up with my ex back in 2010, I felt like I had lost a big hunk of myself. Along with other life problems, I get down at times. We all do. One of the things that I found that helped me was reading “Love Stories”. Now these are not just regular love stories or the ones that contain Fabio. These stories are about life. Yes, there may be stories about couples which are really sweet and inspiring. I included the story above because its really sweet. Til Next Post ✌duces and 🙏truces!


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