Checking In!

parent family fashion, random

Hey Guys! How is everyone? I hope that everyone is doing ok! I know I am late, very late! I was running around since 11 am! I had started a post and then my brother called. He was on his break at his drill.

While I was out running errands, I picked up some jeans and shorts! I am washing some shorts right now. You guys know I will be doing a show and tell! I’m trying to make my son a galaxy shirt. Also I have to complete a DIY I seen on “Why Buy, DIY”! It’s a blog here on WordPress. I told her once I did it I will show it to her. If it turns out good I will do a post and tag her in it. This way you guys can see the directions on how to do it and support a fellow blogger! She’s really cool too!

So what type of plans did you guys carry out today? It has been such a beautiful day here in my town. Be sure comment below!! Til next post ✌duces and 🙏 truces❤♥♥💜💜💜💚💜♥❤♥💜💚💚



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