Good Night Post

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Hey Guys! How is everyone tonight? I know a lot of you are out an about on this Friday night/Saturday morning. I don’t go out on Fridays. Two reasons:
1.) I don’t have a vehicle( I hate that too)
2.) I don’t have the desire to, lolx.

I am transitioning from early 20’s to late 20’s and I don’t know how to handle it lolx. They forgot to give me the manual on how to live my social life in my late 20’s. I always thought I would party the night away but I thought wrong. I was having a big problem adjusting to this at first but being a blogger and business owner has helped a lot. I like to sit here and plan out my next 10 moves. So it makes it a little better.

So I got to surprise my Aunt DeeDee in a way that even surprised me, lolx. We were on our way to her house but we decided to take a detour to the laundry mat. She ended up being there. In all the years I have given gifts, I have to say this was one of the coolest. She loved it and to me that’s all that matters. Just incase you all were wondering what she got, it was cheesecake and a card. We both love cheesecake so what else would have been a better gift?

I also wanted to mention I sold the American flag shorts. It was really quick too. I made those as a form of release Sunday and sold them today. See the shorts I sold below👇👇👇👇👇👇


I am having a Sale/Mini Party next Saturday. I have so much inventory and I’m ready to get it sold! I will have a post on the details up tomorrow.

Well Guys, I am beat! I will double up on Files of Style tomorrow! If there are any look book ideas that you guys would like to see in Files of Style just let me know in the comments below! Til next post ✌duces and 🙏truces❤♥♥💜💚💚💜💜💜!!!


4 thoughts on “Good Night Post

    1. Thank you girl! I use to hate wearing shorts too because my legs were so skinny but I got use to them. Now I love them. It’s hot in SC so I know it’s boiling in Texas, lolx. What do you wear vs shorts on those very hot days?

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