Random Chat!

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Hey Guys! How is everyone? I hope that everyone is well? I am trying the outside blogging again! Looks like its about to rain.


So I think once it does, I’m heading back inside the house so that I can finish watching Southern Fried Homicide! Yes. I’ve never seen this show ever but it sounds interesting. Anything fried is great, anything southern is great so bam, lolx. Seriously, I love the ID channel, so this has to be a great show. Anyone that has watched this show comment below👇👇👇👇!

I just realized that if it rains, my allergies will calm down a lot! They just went haywire yesterday! I had to take some meds that had me all loopy and drowsy. I was knocked out by 10 pm.

So you guys have to let me know some things! First, what would you guys like for a giveaway prize! Yes I am stuck. I have no idea what to give away. Second I need blog topics for July in addition to what we already talk about on here. I want to hear from you guys, so be sure to comment on any of my social networks and let me know. You guys could just use them to say hey. Til next post ✌duces and 🙏truces!


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