I Support: New Music From My Brother

parent family fashion

Hey Guys! How is everyone? I hope that you all are great. I am sitting here just finished my Independence Day shorts! I will do a show and tell post later.

I want to start a new segment called “I Support!” I have done a few pay it forward post so I now I have a name for it.

I want to introduce you guys to an up and coming artist and my brother Courvosier. His rap name is Surge Supreme. I always remember my brothers loving music but I never knew how good they were until I listened to a song that they made just playing around. (My other brother Deverron makes beats). After listening to the joke raps, I started to listen to Courvosier’s real music and I like it. I’m not just saying that they have talent because they are my brothers. I am saying this because they really do.

My brother at his photo shoot👍👍

Download his music and read his blog here👇👇👇👇👇
ok here it is http://t.co/SohFF1L5tU


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