LuLuChris58 June Photo Challenge: Someone I Miss

parent family fashion, random


This picture is of Justin! This is the person that I miss the most. Justin was my best friend and much more. We don’t talk now. Maybe our friendship will renew someday. Until then I wish him the best in whatever he may do.


8 thoughts on “LuLuChris58 June Photo Challenge: Someone I Miss

      1. Yea that is sad. I guess that’s the risky part of dating friends that everyone talks about :/

      2. Awh, well everything happens for a reason. Have you tried reaching out to him? I mean if the friendship was a good one and depending on why it didn’t work out of course….. Maybe you guys can still be friends. Then again, I’m not a fan of walking backwards because like I said everything happens for a reason and to everything there is a season!

  1. @luluchris58 – Perhaps your best friend and you had reached your friendship limit. If there is anything to be salvaged, there may be a future chance of reconciliation for the both of you. Try to move forward and remember the good times that you had.

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