Preview of My Latest Post: He Doesn’t Want The Same Things

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Hey Guys! How’s everyone doing tonight? I hope that everyone is doing great! I’m  back with another Mommy’ Corner segment! Before I get into the meat and cheese of it all I just want to say that this segment is not just for mothers. I call it Mommy’s Corner because I am a mother. It’s as simple as that. Now back onto the subject at hand. I want to talk about Relationships after 25. I will break this up into a few segments. The first one I want to start with is what we want from our men after 25. I say we because I want to know some things that you guys want and expect from your guy. I will start this off with a story about myself and my previous relationships and all that jazz.

Now if you know me personally then you will know that my last serious  relationship was at 23 years old. Now when  I was 23 the relationship I had would set the standard for what I want to this very day. I had started to develop an idea of what I wanted from a man by the time I was 25 and it was commitment, marriage and more children. When my then boyfriend came to me with the same goals I knew for sure these were the things I wanted out of a man and he was that man. He was working hard towards his goals and so was I. At that time we were on the same page or at least I thought. No more games, I had left childhood behind, lolx. Fast forward to last year. I was 26 years old and single. I was still thinking about those things that I was expecting from a man and how many men I had to turn away because we were not on the same page at all. The guy of my dreams had returned but this time with different expectations. He no longer wanted commitment, marriage nor kids. It was starting to seem like the older we got, the more jacked up the priorities of men my age had became. Now I am still single and have been for almost three years because men my age do not want the same things we do.

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