50 Visitors and 10 Sales in 5 hours!

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50,  10 and 5! Those are the numbers that I am trying to achieve today! I wanted to stop by to give you guys a little info on my plan/ goal of today!  The 50 is for the amount of visitors I would like to get today on my other blog LuLuChris58. I would love for all of my lovely family over here at word press to pay a visit to this site by clicking the link below:


Also you can find my blog on bloglovin.com!


Now on to the next two numbers 10 and 5! I am swamped with merchandise that I would just love to see on you guys! I figured if I shoot for 10 sales a day for the next four days I can sell out! I want to reach my sales goal (and my visitor goal) in the next five hours!  Please visit the links below to see and purchase my in stock items as well as request a custom order. My ready to ship orders usually arrive to their destinations with in two days of placing your order. I have had customers to receive their orders the next day. ( Depends on location). I also offer rush shipping, just email me before purchase to let me know that you need that option. My custom orders take up to two weeks to receive after their order date. I will do another post to explain how my order system works in detail!

To view all items:


To purchase the items:


Any questions or concerns feel free to email me at CourtneyGeer051986@gmail.com

Also sharing is caring! Be sure to share my post in any way possible! Thanks Guys!


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