LuLuTeaser: My View:Is Anybody Watching “The New Atlanta”?



Hey Guys! How is everyone tonight? I hope that everyone is doing well! If not stop by and check out my post on the ChampangePapi himself Drake.  So anyways, I was wondering have you guys seen the latest Bravo reality tv show produced by Mona “Money” Scott Young “The New Atlanta”?

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LuLuTeaser: My View: Drake’s NWTS..His Last Random Act Of Kindness Before 27?



Hey guys! How is everyone today? I hope that everyone is doing great. I am lounging around after yet another random nap! I wanted to stop by and give my over all point of view on Drake’s Album NWTS or Nothing Was Ever The Same!

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LuLuTeaser: MC:Relationships After 25: No Locked Phones?


Good Morning Guys! How is everyone today? I hope that you  all are doing great! I am up eating and working. One of the first things I do is check my social media numbers and try to answer any questions. This morning was no different, with one of my eyes still completely shut, I went to Facebook and came across a status,”In a relationship, is a locked phone ok?” So that is going to be the topic of today’s blog post. First before I get into this, I want to say shout out to my good friend Parris for asking this question on Facebook.

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LuLuTeaser: MC: A Love and Basketball Type Love


Hey guys. How is everyone today. I hope that everyone is doing great! So the other day on Facebook a gentleman posted a status and it was asking why do girls want a “Love and Basketball.” type love?  Well you guys know I have an opinion on every thing so here its is.

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Cover of "Love & Basketball (Movie & Musi...

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LuLuTeaser:Shorts Deal:Two For 40.00 Day Deal


Hey guys! I wanted to stop by with a deal of the day for my Etsy shop. Buy  two pairs of shorts for 40.00 with shipping. The normal price for two pair of shorts is 55.00 shipped if your order them from an individual listing on my Etsy shop. If you order two pair from the Social Media Listing it would be 70.00 with shipping so as you guys can see this is a great deal. So I promised to reveal the code here and since I am a lady of my word here it is:

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LuLuTeaser:MC:Relationships After 25: Don’t Be a Nickle Out Here Looking For a Dime?


Hey guys! How is everyone tonight? I hope that everyone is doing great tonight and enjoying Law and Order SVU! I wanted to stop by tonight and talk about a favorite topic here on the blog relationships after 25. I want to touch on the topic of being the person you want to find. Lyfe Jennings said “Don’t be a nickle out here looking for a dime.” How true is this?

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