LuLuTeaser: MC:Relationships After 25: No Locked Phones?


Good Morning Guys! How is everyone today? I hope that you  all are doing great! I am up eating and working. One of the first things I do is check my social media numbers and try to answer any questions. This morning was no different, with one of my eyes still completely shut, I went to Facebook and came across a status,”In a relationship, is a locked phone ok?” So that is going to be the topic of today’s blog post. First before I get into this, I want to say shout out to my good friend Parris for asking this question on Facebook.

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2 thoughts on “LuLuTeaser: MC:Relationships After 25: No Locked Phones?

  1. No one should ever be looking at their partner’s phone. If you trust your partner, you will never have the need to ‘check’ their phone.

    1. I will say I do agree with that to a certain extent. 😃I just feel that when you keep your phone locked or even just keeping it on you at all times signals that you have something to hide. Now going through my ex’s phone wasn’t a regular thing but it was refreshing to know that when I did stumble upon that message that I really didn’t have a reason to snoop, lolx.

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