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Happy Halloween guys and hello to all of my new readers! Welcome!  I wanted to let you guys know that  not only am I a blogger and a mom but I sell clothing. I orginally started this blog to promote my clothing but as time went on I started to blog about other topics. Right now I am selling via google wallet from my email All of my items are no higher than 20.00 and that includes shipping! I will keep this pricing until December 31st 2013.  To see all of my merchandise stop by my instagram pages:

@luluchris58 for all  pre loved  and reworked kid’s items

@luluchris58HWShorts for all vintage and reworked women’s and teens items!

To purchase any of items that you see on these sites, please comment with your email  address  on the pictures or shoot me an email at

Some of the items for sale:





To see more be sure to stop by the Instagrams listed above!

Is the New Classy, Trashy?


I like this post from Simple Gypsies! Be sure to check her out

The Alpha

Marilyn Monroe-Photo Gallery

In today’s society you are either labeled as inelegant (also known as ratchet), or classy. It has always been about the way you dress, and the way you carry yourself as a girl. There have always been women who carry themselves with respect and class, and others who are just careless. Some teenage girls nowadays show very little self-respect, and some seem to have a wrong impression of classy behavior. Girls should have more self-respect, and respect for others in order to be classy, receive respect from others, and have a better future.

Classiness has to do with self-respect and self-respect has to do with the way you carry yourself. Girls expose too much of their body, put up half naked picture, and twerk videos on social networks. Yes, there is something very wrong with that. Showing most of your body can make it look like you are desperate for…

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Dare or Spare: Valentino Sneakers

Dare or Spare
Dare or Spare
So is this 795.00 sneaker worth the hype? Would you dare to rock the Camo trend on your feet or spare yourself the empty wallets and dreams? I love this sneaker! I saw it in my November issue of InStyle in a pink color and fell in love.  Let me know your thoughts!