Free Gift! Who Doesn’t Like Free?

LuLuNews, parent family fashion


So if you visited my blog earlier before it shut down I bet you all were wondering “Where is the Free Gift?” Well, the free gift was laughter. If you were fortunated enough to read my last post about my higlighting and contouring disaster, then you probably laughed your butt off. If not I am sorry, I will try to retrieve it and post it here! I do want to offer you guys a free gift though. and here it is:

Spend 70.00 or more with LuLuChris58 and I will throw in a free item of your choice!  So if you are shopping for your child and love a pair of my shorts and purchase both items I will throw in an extra pair of shorts for your booty or a beanie for the baby..your choice! To purchase any item, just email me at I will invoice your order to you. You will have 24 hours to pay. Please specify which free item that you would like.  This will be going on all weekend!  If you guys would like a post with all of the item in stock I will do that!

This also applies to custom orders as well!  Feel free to email me with any questions!


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