MC: Relationships After 25: Stop Telling Me About My Ex

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Hey guys! So do any of you guys have that one person that tells you about your ex and his new girl all the time? Raise em high! I do! Let me tell you all why you shouldn’t tell us about our ex!

1.) We don’t care that you hung out with him last weekend? Were we invited to go..umm no!


2.) If we don’t talk about our ex to you then obviously we don’t want to.

3.) We don’t care that his new girl has a big booty. Can I sit her booty on my back and claim it on my taxes.. Nope. So don’t tell me about it.


4.) Stop telling us about how he did x and x during our relationship. We are not together and the past is four letters, the present is 3 more and future doesn’t start with P.


5.) Stop talking to our exes about us so you could quit having new updated info to tell me.


I talk about my ex with you guys and my close friends. Other people don’t get that privilege.  So those were my top five reasons! What are yours?? Be sure to comment below!






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