MC: Relationships After 25: Wait for Love?

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Hey Guys! How is everyone today? I hope that everyone is doing great! It’s a beautiful Saturday here in SC. Just thought I would share that with  you guys!  So anyways I wanted to stop by with a topic on waiting!

You guys know I abosoulutely adore Mr. Tyler Lepley! Not only is he eye icecream but he’s a very talented actor. Well I watched a video interview on YouTube of Tyler talking about his career and life. Most of the stuff I knew (from other interviews, duh) but this particular thing stuck out to me. Now we all know that The Haves and Haves Not star is single but did you guys know why he is single? Well once again I knew the jist of it but to hear him explain it caught my attention. Okay, so the reason he is single  is because he wants to focus on his career. He feels that the chance that he has now won’t be availble to him at say 35. I understand where he is coming from. So he made choice, love or career.  We know which one he chose. (BTW ladies he has someone he cares about and I will get to that in a second)

What made me have flashes of dejavu was when he explained why he made his choice. I totally understand where he was coming from. It also helped me to see something that I wish I had seen a few years ago.  When you can’t make a lady your first priority, then why bring her into your life?  He know what a woman needs in her life from her man and he just isn’t in a position to give it. Basically he knows that he is in a stage in his life where a  firm commitment is not an option.

My Story:

If you guys are regular readers then you will know half of my story.  When my last relationship ended one of the things that my ex said to me was that he thought that he was in a place in his life where he could offer me everything but he made a mistake. I deserved so much more. Now that was something that I didn’t understand. For one, you are not me so how can you tell me what I deserve and two if you feel that way  and you love me then why are you not trying?  As time goes on I am starting to see what he meant, just a little bit. It was like that Tyler Lepley interview gave me a bit of clarity. Being a business woman, I throw the majority of my time into my business. So one hand I can understand.

How long Should We Wait

Now I am not  saying in no way shape or form that I am waiting for Tyler Lepley, lolx. I only do that in my dreams lolx. What I do want to know is how long do you wait. If you have someone that you care for, do you guys see other people?  What if you guys fall for someone eles? If you care for that person, why not give it a shot? I have never asked anyone to wait for me because I never know what will happen so I just count my loss and keep moving.  I guess I need a guareentee before I step out on the limb.

Your Turn:

Are any of you guys in or have been in that type of situation? How did you guys handle it?

Be sure to check out the video!

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