Day 3: I Can’t Sing but Thank God They Can!!

31 Letters To My Future Husband, The Challenge


Lucille Ball

Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How’s the day going for you? I hope that it’s going good for you. So one thing that I can only do in my head is sing. Lucky for us, and the rest of the world, these few  people were able to not only channel our most inner feelings and put it on record but they sound so good doing so. Inorder to express my love to you I wanted to share three of my favorite songs with you. Why only three? Well, despite the fact that Chanity says the number three is the devil,lolx, it keeps appearing in my life this year. With that being said why not.

“Dare anyone to try to take you from me all my life! Straight from life, dear lover!” Teena was so real when she said that.




I hope you loved my song selection for you!

Love Your Future Wife,

Courtney (Insert Your Last Name here)

A bonus letter for you here:


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