The World Of Instagram Shopping Part 1: Promote With Boutique_Shoutouts

Pay It Forward


Hey guys! So a lot of you guys know that I have been advertising on Instagram but here recently I started selling on Instagram. I have made a separate pages for my adult vintage items and high waisted shorts, my kid’s items and my blog. I will  link each below in this post. Anyways, I wanted to introduce you guys to the world of sellling on Instagram. It’s levels to this, seriously.  I am new to the selling part so as I learn my way around, I want for you guys to go for the ride with me. I will be talking about how I promote, pricing, picutres and whatever else you guys would like for me to talk about. Today’s post is about one way to promote. Also I want to introduce you to a woman who has promoted my shop a few times through her promo page Boutique_Shoutouts

@Boutique_Shoutouts is a page that promotes Instagram shops of all kinds for free.  You will gain exposure for 48 hours to over 2,000 followers and if your  picture recieves 20 likes you will receive a permanent promotion spot on the page. To be featured you can contact her through email,, kik her at boutique_ shoutouts  or simply follow her instagram page @boutiqueshoutouts and wait for her to post the shoutout picture.  The shout out picture gives shops a chance to receive a spot by liking the picture. This shop is a good tool to not only promoting your shop but to find other shops to purchase from and network with.

To follow this shop owner on Instagram click here:

My Instagram Pages

Vintage Items and High Waisted Shorts:

Kids Items:


I have another post to show you guys all of the items that are on each page coming up soon!


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