Two Views Away From 2000!


Hey guys! I just thought that I would stop by and let everyone know that I am only two views away from 2000 views! Yaay! I want to say thank you to my loyal and new readers!  I appreciate everything!



From the Bottom of My Heart! Thanks Guys!


6 thoughts on “Two Views Away From 2000!

  1. Thank you so much for re-blogging my post and for the lovely words:)
    I have been trying to find your blog before, with no luck, but finally I’m here!!!
    When people like or comment on my blog I get notified, and in the notification there’s a link I can click to visit them back.
    But this link does not work with you:(
    When I click it I end up on a page that tells me ‘sorry we couldn’t find the domain you’re looking for’ and it has a cute image of a squirl for some strange reason.
    But now that you re-blogged I finally got a link that worked, yuhuu, so now I’m off to enjoy your blog:)
    here’s the non-working link in case you want to have a look at that cute squirl:)

    1. Thank You. I forgot about that link being on there. I will fix that and isn’t that squirrel the cutest, lolx! Also, you’re very much welcomed for the reblog! I will be re blogging everyday because I haven’t had a chance to read much. That will catch me up and introduce my readers to other good bloggers!! ❤️❤️❤️

      1. The squirl sure is cute:)
        I will stop by and have a look at who and what you’ll be reblogging 🙂
        Always great to find new stuff to read or look at:)

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