Vintage Stores, Not In The Upstate of SC!

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So I am from a small town in South Carolina and we have no department store  let alone vintage clothing stores. We got our first thrift store 10 years ago and we only have two.  My best friend asked me to go on the hunt to see if her town, the next town over had any vintage clothing stores. I told her that I didn’t believe that they did and boy was I right. Infact it looks like we don’t like vintage in the upstate at all. All of the “Vintage Stores” that my search engine displayed either closed down or the websites no longer worked. Made me sad! Sorry Meagan!  So Meagan and I will be going on a hunt to physically find some vintage stores very soon. I will keep you posted!

So do you guys have the same problem? Do you guys know of any vintage shops in the Upstate of South Carolina. Feel free to comment below! Also I noticed that I haven’t been saying my old catch phrase. So guys feel free to comment anything below. You can tell me about your cat, the time you fell off your bike, or anything.




2 thoughts on “Vintage Stores, Not In The Upstate of SC!

  1. i find my vintage clothing at salvation army mostly, there’s some at other consignment stores, but not like i’ve found there. there are also several antique stores in greenville and pickens that have amazing finds. i found vintage chanel in easley for under $20!! is local, i believe. you may find more by searching instagram and etsy. that’s usually how i find local places.

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