Broke Girl Diaries: Which Eyebrow Tutorial Should I Try?

Broke Girls Diaries

Sitting here listing to “Professional” by the Weeknd, I decided to stop by with another post for you guys.  Eyebrows are the most important part of your face!  They can make or break you. I did a post once where I admitted to drawing my eyebrows on at one point of time. It’s not because I shave them off and want to draw them on. I was born with very fine and light hair on my brows. Well now I fill them in using a particular techinique, as do most women. I wanted to bring you guys a few different videos to show you how these ladies fill in their brows.





Heres the fun part:

As a part of “Broke GIrl Diaries” I will try out one of these methods and I want you guys to choose!  So comment below which one you would like for me to do!  Which was your favorite? How do you fill in your brows?




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