My 600TH Post! 50 Random Facts About Me


So I have made to 600 blog post! I wanted to celebrate by telling you guys  50 Random Facts About Me. I did a similar post on my other blog but unfortunatley its no longer available! So lets jump into it!

1.) I was born at the start of the week. I was born on Monday May 5, 1986! It was in the beginning months of Reagan’s second term and Cinco De Mayo of 86!  That’s why I am awesome lolx.


Thank my mama for this two piece and these dope gladiators back in 87.

2.) I have the biggest love for fish!  It was what my mama was eating when she went into labor with me.

3.) Pet Shop Boy’s Record “Westend Girls” went number 1 on the same day I was born.

4.) I love all 80’s and early 90’s Spike Lee movies. My favorite one is School Daze.

school dazedjiggaboo wannabe

5.) My favorite number is 5. Although I keep seeing the number 3, I love 5. I was born on 5/5

6.) I am the first everything in my family. I am the first grandchild to both my paternal and maternal grandparents. I am all of my brothers and sisters oldest sibbling. I was the first grandchild to give both of my grandparents a great grandchild.

7.) I only went to high school for three things homecoming queen, best dressed and graduation. Hey two out of three aint bad.

8.) I was the first black girl to win best dressed in my high school within my four years. I think that I may have been the first black girl ever and after. Don’t quote me on that. I do know my cousin Shawn won the next year after I did.

9.) I have NO rhythm. Yes its true not all black girls can dance.

10.) Although I hate dogs, I love my ex’s dog King. I had a chance to learn why some people love dogs like their children.


11.) I love jazz music and sunsets. Something about the two calms me. I realized that I like sunsets while watching Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

12.) People tell me that I look like Brandy, Rasheeda and Kellly Rowland. I don’t see it.

13.) I cant listen to “Imagine” by John Lennon with out tearing up. That song is very sad to me.

14.) I love the power of coincidence. I believe that God puts you in the right places at the right time.

15.) I am a hopless romantic. I dont know why but I am like Teresa from”Passions”.

16.) I love to make people laugh.

17.) I share the same Birthday with singer Adele and my grandmother who’s birthday is May 4th is named Adell! Crazy aint it lolx.

18.) I met my ex through my ex bestfriend who dates my other ex bestfriend. I have a lot of exes lolx.

19.) I have the BIGGEST Celebrity crushes on Drake, Burt Reynolds (don’t judge me) and of course Tyler Lepley!


Yes I had to post a picuture of him and the biceps. They go hand in hand!

20.) I swear I can sing, but I cant.

21.) I cant drive worth beans. I think my instructor was giving out license for free that day.

22.) I love the rain.

23.) I panic when I have to drive in the rain on the interstate. I can’t see that well at night along with the fact I suck at driving so I go really slow. Lmbo

24.) I have a best friend of 9 years that I met on BlackPlanet.

25.) I’m very quiet until  you get to know me.

26.) I want everything my way! I know it doesn’t happen that way but its how I want it.

27.) I love to dress others.


28.) I have worked since I was 16.

29.) I had my first and only child at 20. He’s now 7.


30.) My Nephew is my twin! We share a special bond like no other. He’s my first and only nephew.


31.) I have wanted to be married ever since I was 5 years old


32.) I wanted to be in fashion since I was 9.

33.) I believe I had a past life as a 80’s back up singer.

34.) I say the most random stuff.

35.) I can’t tell a story for the life of me.

36.) My favorite stories come from ex about his family. Not only were they entertaining but it made him happy to share that part of his life with me.


37.) I  make a list for everything.

38.) I love love love Teena Marie!  Something about that woman makes her an icon.


39.) I use to read and religiously in 2010-2011.

40.) I met one of my friends Dameion on Fashionbomb. He was fashion bomber of the day.

41.)I believe in soul mates

42.) I can not stand homophobic people. We are all people. Let’s treat each other as such.

43.) My favorite song is Lambada de Serpente by Aaron Goldberg off his album Worlds. I could listen to that song all day.

44.) I love the water. I use to live on the lake. My condo wasn’t lake front but the lake was behind my house.

45.) I hate drawing and writing. Yes, I am a blogger but I have a love hate with writing. I am a low key perfectionist and I’m impatient.

46.) I want to be fine as Halle Berry and Janet when I get 47 and no I don’t want to hear but they are celebrities. I know some beautiful regular women in their 40s.

47.) I want to marry only once in my life. I want an everlasting love like my nanny and papa.

48.) I am named after my great grandmother. I loved her so much.

49.) I have no living great grandparents. I remind my son of how lucky he is to have so many great grandparents living.

50.) I love you guys! I love that you guys show me so much love and support. I have had nothing but a positive experience since I have been blogging. I have shared some of my most intimate stories with you guys and you have done nothing but embrace me!  Thank You all for everything!

I hope that you have enjoyed my 50 random facts about me.



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