Hot Sugar? What’ s All The Bad Fuss?

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So I know I am late to talk about this subject but to be honest *tbh time* I didn’t watch the video until yesterday. Here’s why; I am not a Tamartian, so I know her music but I am not a true stan. Does that make any sense. I hope so. Anyways I had been hearing how horrible her latest visual for “Hot Sugar” was and finally yesterday I heard something that made me decide to finally watch. When I went over to check it out on Tamar’s YouTube, I  was expecting a hot mess.  Instead I watched the video and was wondering where did all of this bad fuss come from? I’m not saying that the video was great but I am saying that it wasn’t as bad as people had lead me to believe. What are your thought on this? If you haven’t seen it, guess what, I linked it below. Yes, you’re welcome.



The first time I had heard the video just flat out sucked was here:


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