Letter 11: Family and Holidays

31 Letters To My Future Husband



Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How are you? I hope that your are doing great today! If not, I hope that this letter will help. So I am catching up on my letters. This is letter 11 but it’s written on day 12.  In letter 11, I want to talk about family. If we do have more children besides Brelin, I hope that we can always be there for our children.  If we decide not to or its impossible to have more children I hope that we can spend a lot of time together as a family. I pray that we will spend time with your family as well as mine. If your family lives out of town or state, I hope that we are fortunate enough to see them for at least one holiday, even if its Mardi Gras, lolx. I can’t wait to decorate the house for every holiday with you and the family. I can’t wait to let our children hear the song that our parents grew up to for Christmas, The Temptations hit “Silent Night“. I can’t wait to carve pumpkins and stuff turkeys. I just want to say that my grandma cooks the best macaroni so I know you will love eating at her house on Sundays! I can’t wait to spend my days, nights and rest of my life with you and our families!

Love Your Future Wife,

Courtney ( Insert Your Last Name Here)

Boy how I hope this letter is opened during Christmas Holiday!


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