Letter 12: My Dream Rings

31 Letters To My Future Husband

My dream Rings

The Tiffany Setting in 18k Yellow Gold and Channel-set Band Ring


Dear Future Husband,

Hey! How are you? I hope that you are doing great today! It’s Friday and I am in the house working and listening to ITunes Jazz! I know that by the time you read this letter I will already have a ring but I thought it would be nice to share with you my dream ring set! I know that as I watch you read this letter I will have them on my finger and with my hand on my hip and my signature smirk on my face. My smirk on my face is because I try to hide my excitment from seeing things that make me giddy! Now what I want to tell you about these rings are that I caught a lot of flack from friends and family for lusting after this ring. “What’s wrong with a Kay’s Jeweler ring or a Diamonds and Gold Direct ring?”, I heard them shout at me. I simply stated “When I get married, it will be my only time. I want a ring that is timeless, flawless and priceless. Just like my love.” I am not a hard girl to please at all nor am I materialistic. I just love this ring and just like my husband and my marriage it’s beautiful and worth the wait.

Love Your Future Smirking Wife,

Courtney ( Insert Your Last Name Here)


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