Dare or Spare: Piamita Bicycle Blouse seen on “The Carrie Diaries”

Dare or Spare, Files of Style, parent family fashion

Carrie Top


So one of my favorite shows returned last week “The Carrie Diaries“.  As a teenager, I loved “Sex in the City” so why wouldn’t watch the hit CW network show starring the beautiful Anna Sophia Robb! I missed the first episode but what I didn’t miss was this Piamita blouse tweeted in an article from OK magazine! I love this top!

Dare or Spare

Will you dare to strike out in the Pajama top flooded with bicycles on it or will you spare yourself the 275.00 price tag and pass? Why or why not?

For my daredevils:

How would you style this piece if you had it?

Would you guys like to see a mini look book based around this piece? Like the shirt but not the price tag? Let me know below if you would like for me to find a look for less!

Be sure to follow http://fashionoftcd.tumblr.com for more “The Carrie Diaries” fashion!





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